We manufacture both sheet materials as well as finished parts in many different colours. You can find an overview of our standard colour range and our special colour program below.

Standard colour range:

colour name Similar to the RAL colour no.Sample
green (standard)
natural (white)
flame red3000
sky blue5015
royal blue5017
traffic yellow1023
dusty grey7037

Special colour programme:

colour nameSimilar to the RAL colour no.Sample
green beige1000
golden yellow1004
maize yellow1006
sulphur yellow1016
zinc yellow1018
colza yellow1021
orange brown
red brown
brown red3011
traffic red3020
signal violet4008
pastel violet4009
dark purple
ultramarine blue5002
signal blue5005
light blue5012
pigeon blue5014
turquoise blue5018
water blue5021
green (kiwi)
signal green6032
pine green6028
may green6017
opal green6026
pastel turquoise6034
medium grey7000
bright light grey7035
slate grey dark7015
graphite grey7024
sepia brown8014

Information about the colour options for polyethylene regenerates can be found here.
In addition to the colours listed above, you can also receive our virgin products in other colours such as carrara or stracciatella on request.
Your contact persons are happy to help you.