ISO-LEN® Polyrubber


ISO-LEN® Polyrubber consists of two homogeneously compressed thermoplastic layers – high-molecular-weight polyethylene (ISO-LEN® 500) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). While the ISO-LEN® 500 makes it easy to fasten – for example by riveting or screwing it to a steel beam – the product-contacting carrier material TPE optimizes the storage and transport of painted or delicate finished workpieces. ISO-LEN® Polyrubber is produced in sintering presses and is standardly available in 8mm thickness (4mm ISO-LEN® 500 + 4mm TPE) and in 12mm thickness (8mm ISO-LEN® 500 + 4mm TPE).


  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Packaging and materials handling
  • Logistics


  • Sheet material (panels, cut-to-size)
  • Finished parts


  • Very easy to assemble on frames
  • Excellent damping characteristics
  • Low-strain combination of the two materials

Material Characteristics ISO-LEN® Polyrubber

Material Code DIN 7728: PE-HMW (Base material), TPE (Carrier material)

CharacteristicsValueUnitTesting method
Density1,16g/cm3DIN EN ISO 1183-1
Shore A hardness55Skala DDIN EN ISO 53505
Breaking strength5,9N/mm²DIN EN ISO 53504
Breaking elongation754%%DIN EN ISO 53504
Tear propagation strength24,4N/mm²DIN EN ISO 53515
Food contact suitabilityapproved

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