Industry solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions made of different plastics for a whole range of industries, each one produced according to your individual needs and application. With the help of various available materials, a distinctive manufacturing expertise and a wide range of machinery, we manufacture finished parts for various industries. You can find a selection of industry-specific solutions below.

Mechanical- and plant engineering

For mechanical engineering, we manufacture in particular finished parts that have low abrasion and can be used in highly corrosive media. Mostly ISO-LEN® 1000 or ISO-LEN® 500 is used, if necessary also in a low stress, tempered version.

Exemplary products in mechanical and plant engineering

  • Track rollers & rope guide rollers
  • Linings (bunkers, trucks)
  • Guide strips & guide profiles for conveyor belts, pump parts or seals
  • Wear strips & scrapers

Packaging and conveyor technology

In the packaging industry, as well as in the field of conveyor technology, ISO-LEN® 1000 and ISO-LEN® 500 are used particularly for the production of various applications – among others due to their resistance to acidic media and detergents. Very good friction and wear properties are also essential.

Exemplary products in mechanical and plant engineering

  • Conveyor star-wheels & screw conveyors
  • Guide and deflection rollers for filling and labelling machines
  • Abrasion protection strips & sliding strips
  • Slip tables

Food and meat processing industry

In the field of food processing, conveyor belt profiles, cam guides and scrapers, as well as cutting and working plates, from our company are frequently used. These have suitable properties for hygienic working conditions and are certified according to FDA and to EU-directive 10/2011. The most frequently used material for this purpose is ISO-LEN® 500.

Exemplary products in the food and meat processing industry

  • Cutting table supports and carving plates
  • Chopping blocks & counter boards
  • Bumper guards in cold storages
  • Conveyor profiles
  • Cam guides
  • Scraper

Electrical industry

In the field of electrical engineering, ISO-LEN® 1000 is ideally suitable for the production of insulating parts in high and ultra-high frequency ranges. This is particularly due to the good electrical properties of the material, as it remains almost constant over a wide temperature range at high frequencies.

Exemplary products in the electrical industry

  • Plug-in couplings & brackets
  • Rail joiners
  • Cable holders & cable tongs
  • Power circuit breaker

Paper industry

In paper and corrugated card board production, ISO-LEN® 1000 in particular has proven itself as a material for various applications. Especially the very high abrasion resistance and the long sieving life meet the demands of the paper industry.

Exemplary products in the paper industry

  • Suction coverings & suction pads
  • Foils
  • Scraper
  • Deflector strips & scraper strips

Chemical industry

In addition to high durability, excellent chemical resistance is required in this area, so that ISO-LEN® 1000 is used in a variety of applications.

Exemplary products in the chemical industry

  • Centrifugal pumps and dosing pumps
  • Taps & valves
  • Filter plates & frames for filter presses
  • Rollers & plain bearings

Ports and water-building industry

In ports and canals, as well as in locks and weirs, the properties of polyethylene are being used with great success. Saltwater and corrosion resistance, pronounced UV and weathering resistance, as well as high mechanical strength and extremely low water absorption, make ISO-LEN® 1000 a durable and low-maintenance material that also impresses with its breaking strength.

Exemplary products in port and steel hydraulic engineering

  • Marine Fenders
  • Sliding elements & guide rails for locks
  • Bumper guards

In addition, there is a whole range of other fields of application, for example in the printing industry, electroplating, the concrete industry, the textile industry, the foundry industry or in the field of freezing technology. We are happy to advise you on specific application options and the optimal selection of materials. We look forward to your call or message.