Chain- and sliding profiles in various designs have been part of our standard program for many years. The predominantly used material is polyethylene in high-molecular-weight (ISO-LEN® 500) or ultra-high-molecular-weight form (ISO-LEN® 1000). These materials combine high wear resistance with excellent sliding friction properties. Other material properties such as low noise, high impact resistance and good temperature resistance are also of great advantage in many applications. For example, plastic gliding strips made from ISO-LEN® 500 and ISO-LEN® 1000 are used in automated conveying and storage systems in the beverage, pharmaceutical and food industries. You can find a large selection of available slide rails in the downloads section. In addition, we are also happy to produce custom-made articles for you. We look forward to your call or message.

Frequently used materials

Significant material characteristics

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low sliding friction coefficient
  • Self-lubricating

Fields of applications

We are happy to produce an individual finished part for you based on a drawing or a sample.
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