With the new e-bike to work

Ahaus, 10 september 2020

E-bikes take employees to work in a quick, environmentally friendly and health-promoting manner. Our employees Jutta Volmer, Sabine Neugebauer and Michael Gausling have already been using this option for several years. They benefit from the bicycle leasing model that ISO-TECH has been offering its employees since 2016. Roundabout 50 colleagues or their relatives have already used our ‘JobBike’ option.

The ‘JobBike’-model is very simple for our employees: they choose a certain bike – be it with or without an electric drive – and conclude a leasing contract with ISO-TECH. In return, ISO-TECH retains part of the gross salary – namely the amount of the leasing rate – by converting the salary. In addition, ISO-TECH takes over the costs for a fully comprehensive insurance.

Since company bicycles are taxed comparatively low, the ‘JobBike’-option is usually cheaper for our colleagues than buying the bikes directly. After the three-year lease has expired, our employee has the option of returning the bike or buying it against payment of the residual value.

In addition, our cycling colleagues collect bonus points as part of our company health management if they often come to work by bike – a win-win situation for wallet, health and the environment.