ISO-LEN® WBS – THE standard material in water-building industry & steel construction

Ahaus, September 28th, 2020

Port and watergate facilities require effective protection against ramming and collision in order to ensure the desired function and stability over the long term. Precisely fitting fender components made of ISO-LEN® WBS have been used successfully for decades to protect port facilities, locks and canals. ISO-LEN® WBS – our specialised water-building material – was developed for being used in the maritime industry and impresses with its cost efficiency, UV stability, durability and sustainability. Solely recycled material from our own manufacturing lines is used for production. The basic material for ISO-LEN® WBS is an ultra-high molecular weight low-pressure polyethylene (PE-UHMW).

Fenders made of ISO-LEN® WBS are used, for example, in renovation works on canal locks or as a replacement for weather-prone wooden fenders in inner or outer harbours. The material is also ideally suited as a boat or quay fender and as ramming protection in lift gates and barrage locks or even as slide rails in weir systems. We manufacture the respective components according to customer specifications and on the basis of the individual requirements – usually in a black tone of colour, but also in a signal colour if required.

Do you have any questions about the possible uses of ISO-LEN® WBS? Our technically experienced sales representatives will be happy to assist you – you will find direct contact details here. You are also welcome to send us an inquiry using our contact form.

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