Our Company

As one of the leading manufacturers and further processors, ISO-TECH has been producing high-quality thermoplastic products for domestic and foreign customers for more than 30 years. A broad range of production possibilities, a sustainable corporate policy and a distinct customer orientation characterize our company.


After founding the company in 1990 with initially four employees, we quickly established ourselves as a specialist in the technical plastics segment. With the help of a continuous organic growth, we have steadily expanded both the production of semi-finished goods and the range of finished parts. The first milestones were already achieved in 1995, when we were initially certified according to ISO 9001 and the staff had grown to more than 20 employees. With the opening of a second plant in 2010, we were able to expand our range of products by additional high-performance plastics. With the 25th anniversary in 2015, our owner-managed company was delivering goods into almost all branches of industry. Today, ISO-TECH employs roundabout 200 people and invests continuously in the expansion of the production range and vertical integration.


Our range of products varies from our own production of semi-finished goods to variously processed finished parts made of standard and engineering plastics or high-performance plastics. In the semi-finished goods segment, we produce plastic sheets in various standard dimensions and thicknesses However, a large part of our semi-finished goods is being processed inside our plants into individual machined parts. In addition to large as well as prototype-series, we offer our clients individually customized products. Both high and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylenes (e.g. PE500, PE1000) as well as polyamides (PA), polyoxymethylenes (POM) and other materials like PVDF or PEEK are being machined in our factories. A distinctive quality management, constant education and training of our employees as well as a precise selection of raw materials ensure the reliability of our products.


Sustainability is important for us at all levels – both in economic and social terms as well as in ecologic terms. In addition to a long-term policy of balanced growth, our focus is on enduring customer relationships. By running a corporate health management programme, we focus on securing the health of our employees. Furthermore, we are making an important environmental contribution by recycling 100% of our polyethylene material waste and by constantly investing in energy efficiency measures and renewable energies.


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