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ISO-TECH Kunststoff GmbH!

We are producer and processor of thermoplastics; primarily of high- and ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene
(ISO-LEN® 500 = HMW-PE and ISO-LEN® 1000 = UHMW-PE).

Many hundreds of tons of polyethylene are produced monthly in our factory by a special sinter-moulding process.
A large part of this is further processed to finished parts or leaves our plant as semi-finished products.
Other engineering plastics such as PA, POM, etc. are also part of our product range.

We provide:

  • finished parts according to drawing or sample (e. g. chain guides, conveyor stars, profiles, turned parts, gear wheels)
  • semi-finished products (sheets, cut-to-size, rods)

For more information on our full range of products and our services please have a look at our website. Our experienced team would be glad to be of assistance for question about our products.

25 Years ISO-TECH Kunststoff GmbH


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